Baris Tosun

Head of Development

In addition to his many professional skills, Baris also plays the guitar, bass and drums – much to our disappointment not yet at the same time. He also sings and writes his own songs. He is a passionate cook and has his own blog. The only thing he can't do is drink Klaus' strong coffee, he has to dilute it with water. But we forgive him, because secretly we sometimes wonder: is there anything that Baris can't do?

While studying physics at Queen Mary University the native Londoner with Turkish roots gained initial experience in programming and learned the basics. He was ambitious enough to acquire the necessary knowledge on his own and subsequently became a true master in front-end web development. In theory, he would also be able to produce his own web design, because he is also pretty good at graphic design. We say thank you and let's go!
+43 1 480 22 72
Baris Tosun Baris Tosun Baris Tosun Baris Tosun Baris Tosun
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