Hannah Schilder


Some say the best way to get to know other people is over a beer. In Hannah’s case, it’s more like 6,000 – having initially worked on our beer-themed Facebook campaign for the 2014 World Cup. And, of course, someone who knows their beer is right at home with us. Our management agreed, bringing in Hannah to be part of the Identum team. In her free time she sings in a choir, does artistic gymnastics and then gets to the zoo as often as she can to look at the giraffes – she even has an annual pass – before watching a few episodes of the cult series “Friends” (she’s The One Who Knows All The Words). Oh and, as well as all this, she’s also learning Swedish. Impressive!

Hannah also has a real way with words. She’s amazing, in fact. Maybe that’s because, before she joined the team at Identum, she professionally produced editorial plans, social media platforms and advertising copy. As they say, still waters run deep – and the same can certainly be said for Hannah. She has a knack for diving down into projects, always working independently with her eyes on the prize. What’s more, if she’s ever at a loss, she doesn’t sit in silence and worry: she just speaks up and asks.

+43 1 480 22 72
Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder
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