Linda Gaissmaier

Communications Manager

When we introduce our team to people, it’s not always easy to think of an unusual titbit or quirky fact about our staff. Thankfully, the same cannot be said about Linda, for whom the following statements are all entirely true: in 2016, Linda moved house seven times – including to Thailand, where she helped to prepare the at that time recently deceased King of Thailand to lie in state for a year. Linda suffers from batrachophobia –  the fear of frogs – despite the fact she comes from a family of gardeners, with her parents running a tree nursery. Linda also has 27 cousins and wanted to go to clown school when she was younger. We reckon she’d have made a great clown.

One thing we can say with total certainty: Linda is an exceptional Communications Manager, so we’re delighted that she rethought her career plans (again). After studying marketing and communications management and completing an internship at Identum, she seamlessly transitioned to a permanent post in project management. Ever since, her impressive composure and calm have helped her to manage intensive, time-critical projects, and all with a sense of humour. It’s a talent we value greatly – as do our clients. So, Linda: don’t be a frog and leap off to a new pad – stay right where you are.
+43 1 480 22 72 - 14
Linda Gaissmaier Linda Gaissmaier Linda Gaissmaier Linda Gaissmaier Linda Gaissmaier
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