Michael Malik

Digital Strategist

Michi is an exceptional storyteller. You don’t need to worry about becoming part of a select group to enjoy these exquisite anecdotes from his life – Michi will be happy, delighted even, to share them with you, too. If you get the chance, there’s a few stories you have to ask him to tell: perhaps the one where he was accidentally left on the Autobahn as a child, the time he threw his suitcase into a grave when it was -27°C outside, or why he was denied access to the waste disposal area. His other hobby is cool too, as a keen paraglider, Michi climbs to dizzying heights as often as he can. He can tell you a fair few stories about that as well, such as how beautiful Austria is from above. To date, he’s completed 152 jumps. Oh, one last thing: Michi is so amazing, so polite, that he bows to doors. The reason for this doesn’t lie in some kind of obscure superstition but rather in the fact that, at a height of over two metres, he’s just too damn tall for the doors!

The best thing about Michi, though, is that he previously worked at Identum as a developer. After a short but successful entrepreneurial career detour, we’re delighted to say he’s found his way back to us. With his versatility, his unshakeable optimism and his go-getting mentality, there’s nothing in the world he won’t back himself to do. Today, he’s once again supporting our Online Unit and, in his position as Digital Strategist, is bringing his newly gained knowledge to help the strategic and innovative development of the agency’s online projects.

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Michael Malik Michael Malik Michael Malik Michael Malik Michael Malik
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