Hubert Nagele


In communications since 1997. As an editor, media representative, creative professional, consultant and strategist, he was able to develop a multi-faceted understanding of brand communications. His life is shaped by a pioneering spirit. Studying part-time besides working, he was part of the first graduating class for integrated corporate communications and already embarked on the path of self-employment during this time. Right from the beginning, he focused on offering employees an inspiring, performance-oriented and fair work environment under the special conditions of the creative industry.

Wore horn-rimmed glasses even back in the 80’s and is kind of a cool nerd. Adventure sports pioneer with an affinity for water, both in its liquid and frozen form. Appreciates the overview from the top of a mountain, but loves the panoramic view of the ocean even more. Has the ability to unite different extremes within himself – for example, an easy coolness as well as perfectionism. Loves people and interactions, even though he can be grumpy at times.
+43 1 480 22 72
Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele
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