Brand charisma.

Hi there. You’re probably here because of the whole brand charisma thing. Well, let’s get started. Picture the scene: a young women in her mid-twenties is out shopping. She’s pushing a buggy with her young son inside. As she walks, she approaches a poster. What do you think is going through her mind?

“Oh, there’s a poster up ahead! Finally! I can’t wait to see what detailed information it will supply me with.” Or, actually, is she more likely to be thinking: “Should I invite Xavier to Toby’s birthday party, too? With him, that makes ten... A kid’s birthday party with ten kids, will that work?”

Exactly. We believe that a brand can only be successful if it grabs us the second we see it. If it excites us. Or – even better – if it pulls us out of our everyday lives. So, in short:

A brand can only succeed with charisma.

We were nearly called IDENTWUMMS.

To be able to communicate effectively, a brand needs more than a strong, credible identity. A brand must also be able to blast through a near impenetrable shield of distractions: it needs a certain oomph – which, here in Austria, we call “Wumms”.

A strong identity and the right amount of “Wumms”: these two pillars are so important to our work that we initially decided to name our agency after them. At the very last minute, though, we came across a better word than “Wumms”, which is the same in English and German: Momentum. And so, ever since our foundation, we’ve been called IDENTUM – Ensuring identity and momentum for your brand.


Simplifying the game, letting specialists do their job.

Identum was founded in 2002, and was an integrated communications agency from the very beginning. We bring together specialists from every field of communications and marketing under one roof – and there are now more than 20 of us. We work together to create solutions from a single source. These are more than just empty words: our Creative Director sits in the same room as our web developers. Not far away, up on the mezzanine, our customer support and PR departments share an office.

Yet the quality of this togetherness is actually our most valuable asset. We are a proprietor-run agency free from the pressure of satisfying major investors. This means we can give our team members the security and freedom they need – because only then can they be inspired to make advertising into something special. This goes for each and every one of us, whether it’s a young graphic designer fresh out of university or a seasoned PR manager with two sons working part-time.

And so this story comes full circle: only when you have the time to think about how many kids to invite to Toby’s birthday party can you find the time to think about how to give your brand charisma.




Only when we pool our characters and competencies can we successfully grow together. We are a team of 23 specialists who learn from one another every day and exploit our synergies. We’ve made it dead easy for you to find out where our strengths lie – and a little about what makes us tick!

Florian Frauendorfer
Florian Frauendorfer
Art Director
Florian Frauendorfer
Florian Frauendorfer Florian Frauendorfer Florian Frauendorfer Florian Frauendorfer Florian Frauendorfer
Florian Frauendorfer

After a youth dominated by sports, as a member of the ski team and a marathon runner, his heart now beats to the rhythm of music. Nonetheless, the impassioned guitarist and songwriter still retains a good few things from his sporting past. The endurance, resilience, and composure that Flo brings to agency life make him an important part of the creative team.

Having grown up in the idyllic town of Kottingbrunn, Florian has always spent most of his life in Vienna. Following his training at the "Graphische" – a shorthand for Vienna's College of Higher Education and Research in Graphic Design – he tagged on another degree in communication studies. However, Vienna was not enough for him. In search of new experiences, he ended up in Berlin, at a graphics studio where he was able to further nurture his love of clear-cut design and expressive typography. Experience we are now benefiting from.

Hannah Schilder
Hannah Schilder
Senior Copywriter
Hannah Schilder
Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder Hannah Schilder
Hannah Schilder

Some say the best way to get to know other people is over a beer. In Hannah’s case, it’s more like 6,000 – having initially worked on our beer-themed Facebook campaign for the 2014 World Cup. And, of course, someone who knows their beer is right at home with us. Our management agreed, bringing in Hannah to be part of the Identum team. In her free time she sings in a choir, does artistic gymnastics and then gets to the zoo as often as she can to look at the giraffes – she even has an annual pass – before watching a few episodes of the cult series “Friends” (she’s The One Who Knows All The Words). Oh and, as well as all this, she’s also learning Swedish. Impressive!

Hannah also has a real way with words. She’s amazing, in fact. Maybe that’s because, before she joined the team at Identum, she professionally produced editorial plans, social media platforms and advertising copy. As they say, still waters run deep – and the same can certainly be said for Hannah. She has a knack for diving down into projects, always working independently with her eyes on the prize. What’s more, if she’s ever at a loss, she doesn’t sit in silence and worry: she just speaks up and asks.

Hubert Nagele
Hubert Nagele
Hubert Nagele
Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele Hubert Nagele
Hubert Nagele

In communications since 1997. As an editor, media representative, creative professional, consultant and strategist, he was able to develop a multi-faceted understanding of brand communications. His life is shaped by a pioneering spirit. Studying part-time besides working, he was part of the first graduating class for integrated corporate communications and already embarked on the path of self-employment during this time. Right from the beginning, he focused on offering employees an inspiring, performance-oriented and fair work environment under the special conditions of the creative industry.

Wore horn-rimmed glasses even back in the 80’s and is kind of a cool nerd. Adventure sports pioneer with an affinity for water, both in its liquid and frozen form. Appreciates the overview from the top of a mountain, but loves the panoramic view of the ocean even more. Has the ability to unite different extremes within himself – for example, an easy coolness as well as perfectionism. Loves people and interactions, even though he can be grumpy at times.

Katrin Albrecht
Katrin Albrecht
Office Assistant (on maternity leave)
Katrin Albrecht
Katrin Albrecht Katrin Albrecht Katrin Albrecht Katrin Albrecht Katrin Albrecht
Katrin Albrecht

Ahoy! After enjoying the sea air of Hamburg for a year, Katrin, who hails from Upper Austria, has returned to Vienna and supports our team as office manager. The graduate in education realised at a very early stage of her professional career that advertising agencies are the perfect environment for her. She has vast experience in office management for agencies.
Friendly and charming, while at the same time persistent and resolute, which is how you have to treat overgrown children like us, the assertive Katrin is able to pacify even the most heated of dispositions. So thanks to us she is still able to make use of her specialist educational knowledge. You’re welcome, Katrin!

But after work all educational measures are thrown overboard. And that is often her undoing: When listening to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” she was once in such an ecstatic state that she literally shattered her kneecap during a dance performance. Since then she has limited herself to arm related sports and has a great passion for table football, so there is no risk of her injuring herself.

Lorina Roth
Digital Concept & Design
Lorina Lorina Lorina Lorina Lorina
Lorina Roth

It is well known that good and evil are not always perfectly separable. That already knew Goethe's Faust. And our dear Lorina also confirms this Faust rule. Why? Well, on the one hand, the former headmistress of a Catholic private school can recite the Lord's Prayer like the Amen in church. Literally. On the other hand, Lorina would cross legal lines for her friends. Just metaphorically, of course.

So let's say someone spontaneously expressed a desire for pumpkin soup on a long car ride back from Identum Team Day. Lorina would not be told that twice - always thinking of the well-being of others. After a spontaneous emergency stop on the country road, she would jump out of the car bravely. And before even everyone realized what the hell was going on, she would come back covered in mud and with a winning smile throwing a huge pumpkin from the neighbouring field into the trunk.  Purely theoretical, of course. But Lorina really is a cool dude.

She is just as dedicated and self-confident in her everyday work. The graduate of the Advertising Design Academy Salzburg helps out everywhere without turning a hair. And from web design and corporate design to illustration and painting, she can do almost anything the graphic heart desires. She also has a good sense and eye for discovering and testing new things. Lorina, for us this is almost beyond good and evil!

Martina Mäutner
Project Manager
Martina Martina Martina Martina Martina
Martina Mäutner

Born in Lower Austria, Martina comes from the picturesque village of Oeynhausen (supposedly near Baden), but is anything but a country bumpkin: Martina has already travelled to 25 countries, and every year a new one is added. She simply loves the adrenaline that shoots through her veins when she tries something new.

The first time she tried climbing, there was a lot of adrenaline - she first hugged the tree for half an hour before continuing. To keep her adrenaline level constant even without trees, the enthusiastic outdoor person regularly goes running, archery, motorcycling, surfing and snowboarding.

So much sport naturally makes you hungry. That's why Martina likes to eat - at least what she can eat. If you ask for her allergy list for first aid reasons, you will get everything from A for apple to Z for plum (Zwetschke) - 1x with everything, more or less.

She also has a lot of professional skills: Matura in industrial engineering, Bachelor in product marketing & project management and Master in product marketing & innovation management. Can we say no to such a working wonder? No, we can't.

Michael Malik
Michael Malik
Digital Strategist
Michael Malik
Michael Malik Michael Malik Michael Malik Michael Malik Michael Malik
Michael Malik

Michi is an exceptional storyteller. You don’t need to worry about becoming part of a select group to enjoy these exquisite anecdotes from his life – Michi will be happy, delighted even, to share them with you, too. If you get the chance, there’s a few stories you have to ask him to tell: perhaps the one where he was accidentally left on the Autobahn as a child, the time he threw his suitcase into a grave when it was -27°C outside, or why he was denied access to the waste disposal area. His other hobby is cool too, as a keen paraglider, Michi climbs to dizzying heights as often as he can. He can tell you a fair few stories about that as well, such as how beautiful Austria is from above. To date, he’s completed 152 jumps. Oh, one last thing: Michi is so amazing, so polite, that he bows to doors. The reason for this doesn’t lie in some kind of obscure superstition but rather in the fact that, at a height of over two metres, he’s just too damn tall for the doors!

The best thing about Michi, though, is that he previously worked at Identum as a developer. After a short but successful entrepreneurial career detour, we’re delighted to say he’s found his way back to us. With his versatility, his unshakeable optimism and his go-getting mentality, there’s nothing in the world he won’t back himself to do. Today, he’s once again supporting our Online Unit and, in his position as Digital Strategist, is bringing his newly gained knowledge to help the strategic and innovative development of the agency’s online projects.

Ricarda Stemberger
Ricarda Stemberger
Ricarda Stemberger
Ricarda Stemberger Ricarda Stemberger Ricarda Stemberger Ricarda Stemberger Ricarda Stemberger
Ricarda Stemberger

Ricarda is a true sweetheart. That's not just what her grandma says, it's what we say too. Because from the first day Ricarda has been supporting us in the copywriting unit, it feels like she's always been here. With a degree in communications and several years of experience in market and opinion research, she masters both familiar and new challenges promptly and with composure. Highly committed, confident and personable, a real sweetheart in fact.

One secret remains to her, however. Because once a week, after work, she packs her stuff and heads off to Vienna´s notorious Lugner City. But why?

Does she buy the ingredients for her daily office snack, lovingly packed in a diverse selection of Tupperware that would make any Japanese bento artist jealous? Or does she visit the kiosk in celebration of the good old print medium – according to her field of study? But no, she already has a newspaper subscription. And it can't be a weekly clothing purchase either, since Ricarda counts on slow fashion and second-hand.

No, when Ricarda goes out once a week, it gets really hot. No T-shirt stays dry since she does Hot Pilates in Lugner City. And now that that's settled, there's only one question left:

Hey, Rici, gemma Lugner?

Sabrina Weiss
Sabrina Weiß
Sabrina Weiss
Sabrina Weiss Sabrina Weiss Sabrina Weiss Sabrina Weiss Sabrina Weiss
Sabrina Weiß

Hailing from Vorarlberg at Austria’s western tip, Sabrina is a sensationally strong personality but also a happy soul. Even when under considerable stress, she remains cheery and optimistic. Equipped with a constitution that means she’s hardly ever ill, Sabrina brings people together, both in her personal life and professionally. Though sharp as a tack and level-headed, her mouth sometimes runs ahead of her mind! The resulting gaffes – such as: “400 kilos is pretty heavy for a fridge, right?" – are what we lovingly call a “classic Sabi”.

She’s also half of the Identum management team. In effect, she’s the CEO. Since 2001, Sabi has been firmly anchored in communications. Her career has taken her from project management work for major events like the Surf World Cup and overall events communications through to her current role in advertising. Incredibly adept in classic disciplines, PR work remains her pet passion – as, in recent years, have online projects. She laid the basis for these skills in her early years at Identum, which saw her complete part-time studies in integrated communications.

Ulrike Graber
Ulrike Graber
Account Director
Ulrike Graber
Ulrike Graber Ulrike Graber Ulrike Graber Ulrike Graber Ulrike Graber
Ulrike Graber

A good day starts with a good list. In Trello, on the Post-It Board, on the mirror, or written down in the good old print calendar: there are so many wonderful places for many wonderful lists.

And what's on Ulli's list? Loving catmother and the most caring person we know. Ulli is one who always gives a little more than she can, or should, actually give. Always aware of what is going on and what still needs to be done. At parties, nevertheless, never the first to go, answering the question "Gin Tonic?" with a cheeky twinkle in her eye. "Animal-loving" is a noble understatement for Ulli - if all holders of an annual zoo ticket came as often as she does, Schönbrunn would probably have gone bankrupt by now.

In general, we are certain: even if not primarily due to her body height, the diplomate speaker is destined for greater things. Ulli's Manifesto, for example. Or tidiness á la Ulli Kondo. Ulli's list. Or Graber's cat?

With over 15 years of experience in arts and culture management, event management, project management, and customer consulting, Ulli has been leading the Identum project management team as Account Director since 2017. You can always count on her for confident advice and diplomatic mediation, her clients know that and we know that.

Vera Moser
Vera Moser
Senior Communications Manager
Vera Moser
Vera Moser Vera Moser Vera Moser Vera Moser Vera Moser
Vera Moser

Her career path reflects her open-minded personality. Curious to the tip of her toes, infectiously enthusiastic. This in combination with her sunny disposition makes us love being around her. Her sensitivity is both her strength and her weakness. But her ability to empathize is exactly what her friends, colleagues and clients appreciate so deeply. On the job as well as in her free time, she likes being active: up in the mountains, whether climbing or with boards on her feet, and knitting hats for balance.

Entered the communications industry in 2006 after a two-year college programme for media and communications design. Coming from graphic design, she ended up in project management and consulting – right where her skills are. Her personal experience makes her an incredibly valuable asset in the liaison of consulting and design. The clients she advises and works with can lean back and relax and enjoy her great organizational skills, structure and therefore absolute reliability.

Werner Stenzel
Werner Stenzel
Werner Stenzel
Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel Werner Stenzel
Werner Stenzel

Back in the 90s, Werner was a sensational mix of grunge-punk and perfectionist. Stubborn as an ox, he always aims to achieve the best possible outcome – good simply isn’t good enough. He dreams of achieving the perfect foot position and is always working on his “th”. He loves mountain landscapes and would take them over panoramic ocean views any day. Each turn at chess is one cigarette long, even though he doesn’t smoke any more

He has worked in communications since 1998. After entering the industry as a designer and moving onto web development, he remained a creative and eventually went self-employed, before becoming Managing Director of Identum. Accompanied by the agony and ecstasy of perfection throughout his career, it has encouraged him to set his standards ever higher at each stage of his career. A qualified spatial planner, he brings a sensational sense of perspective to our agency as well as a long-term view of our daily work.


Our abilities or what we do.

This is usually the spot where an agency’s website says: we are capable of everything.
Well, not in our case: there are quite some things we are not capable of.
When it comes to keeping the agency fridge clean, the struggle is real. Ni and Hao are the only words we know in Mandarin. A rather big part of our staff is not able to cut bread - or at least not properly.

Instead we are really good at creating brands with charisma. Whether it's strategically or with both hands deep in the creational process, developping our ideas. Charisma on every level.
And all channels, offline and online.
With great knowledge and tons of experience.


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Every Bonny needs a Clyde. Every Superman needs a Lois Lane.
Our network – the Identum agency group


After many years’ experience in the communications sector, we know very well the things we’re good at and the things others can do better – which is why we’re always forming strategic partnerships to bolster our network. Bringing together a range of specialists in their field, we all pool our expertise. For the benefit of your brand.

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