Sabrina Maier


Hailing from Vorarlberg at Austria’s western tip, Sabrina is a sensationally strong personality but also a happy soul. Even when under considerable stress, she remains cheery and optimistic. Equipped with a constitution that means she’s hardly ever ill, Sabrina brings people together, both in her personal life and professionally. Though sharp as a tack and level-headed, her mouth sometimes runs ahead of her mind! The resulting gaffes – such as: “400 kilos is pretty heavy for a fridge, right?" – are what we lovingly call a “classic Sabi”.

She’s also half of the Identum management team. In effect, she’s the CEO. Since 2001, Sabi has been firmly anchored in communications. Her career has taken her from project management work for major events like the Surf World Cup and overall events communications through to her current role in advertising. Incredibly adept in classic disciplines, PR work remains her pet passion – as, in recent years, have online projects. She laid the basis for these skills in her early years at Identum, which saw her complete part-time studies in integrated communications.
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Sabrina Maier Sabrina Maier Sabrina Maier Sabrina Maier Sabrina Maier
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