Everything you've always wanted to know about us, but never had the courage to ask – Part 2

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1. What is the difference between Identum and other agencies?

Identum was founded in 2002 and was an integrated communications agency right from the start. Specialists from all areas of communication and marketing work together under one roof - currently more than twenty. Together, we search and find solutions from a single source. And that's not a hollow phrase: our creative director sits in the same room as our web developers. And just half a second higher, customer service and PR department share an office.

But our most valuable asset is the quality of this cooperation. We are an owner-managed agency, without justification pressure towards large investors. This gives us the opportunity to give our team the security and space it needs. Because only from this grows the inspiration that makes something special out of advertising. This is true of each of us, whether it's a young graphic designer fresh from college or a seasoned PR part-time manager with two sons.


2. How did the idea for the new concept of the front window arouse?

Different to commissioned work, jobs that we do voluntarily – such as the design of our front window – have a big disadvantage: they are gladly postponed. In order to achieve a good result, you first need a really tough project manager, who starts the Task Force "front window" and arranges regular meetings without mercy. Then we sit around the kitchen table once a week and think.

A great creative man somewhere in America once said his biggest fear would be sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper while he is thinking what to do with it. We can top that: we look at 50 m2 empty glass.

You can only progress if you face specific tasks. This year, according to the decision, we wanted to do something political. Something that takes up current events. And of course, it should emphasize the skills of the agency behind the front window.

So we discussed the news. Many things came up as a topic. Among other things: The Facebook scandal. At the same time, the news about the upcoming GDPR. "Great," we said, "we'll have to delete all emails that are older than a few months and Facebook does what it wants." Anger came up. Glorious.
Because as Master Yoda said: anger leads to fury. Fury leads to rage. And rage leads to immense creativity. Or something like that.

And suddenly the idea was born to show the data policy of Facebook on the front window. In your face, Facebook!
"But that's just six columns of boring text. We need an eye-catcher there."
"Haha, eye-catcher! How about a huge blue data octopus that keeps track of pedestrians? Somehow with motion sensor or something. Ask the developers if they can do that."

The developers could.


3. What is the nerdiest item at your agency?

It hardly surprises anyone that we found the nerdiest item in our online unit: Baris, our Head of Development, owns self-built keyboards – and not just one, but seven!

However, the reason for that is not as nerdy as you might think: he works on the computer a lot and this led to pain in his joints and fingers, because of the unnatural hand position while typing. When the search for a more ergonomic keyboard was unsuccessful, Baris decided to simply build his dream keyboard himself. In the world wide web he discovered DIY tutorials. Baris embarked on his new project and built a total of seven keyboards himself – two of them he also designed.
n the end, Baris has not only developed the keyboard for himself that best meets his needs, but has even gone one step further: He developed his own printed circuit board, which finally found interest with a German salesman. This was produced in series and is available as a kit with the Katana60 keyboard.

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