Clarity on 1.400 pages

Web Development

The independent research institute IIASA deals with socially highly relevant topics such as climate change, energy security and sustainability. Our 1,400-page website relaunch shows how even the most complex research topics can be clearly structured.


Platform for pestering social issues

IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) drives research in those areas that are too large or too complex to be solved by a single country or academic discipline. These include urgent concerns for the population as a whole, such as climate change, energy security, population ageing and sustainable development. We have developed a modern and clear web presence for IIASA, which is not only the Institute's main online presence, but also serves as a platform for exchange for international researchers as well as providing important information for policy makers.




A sophisticated system that creates knowledge 

We supported IIASA in the extensive relaunch of the website - from the technical concept, content architecture and design to programming it with Drupal 9. The result is a sophisticated system consisting of 1,400 pages, 19 different user-defined modules and automatic import of content from 23 countries in which IIASA is active in research.




  • Technical concept
  • Content architecture
  • Restructuring navigation
  • Screendesign
  • Web development with Drupal (in cooperation with our agency partner BLINKER)


Complex requirements - smart implementation

The new website focuses on IIASA's in-depth scientific content. Thanks to a structured content architecture and intuitive navigation, even the large amount of complex content is structured in a comprehensible way for internal and external visitors. To ensure that the new digital presence reflects IIASA's direction for at least a decade ahead, our content structure and technical design significantly followed IIASA's newly developed strategic goals from 2021-2030.



Colouring with a system

The design concept with a consistent system of colour codes ensures an even better orientation. These help to visually structure the different subject areas and provide users with a quick overview and optimal user experience. The clear design language in text and images reflects the seriousness and scientific expertise of IIASA and also gives the institute a bold and self-confident appearance.


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Drupal 9
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