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A really good concept

Brand development and social media concept

The family business Kaiserberge proves that stories about a little lion and his friends can revolutionise playing together. With the development of the brand strategy for "Bababoo and friends" as well as the elaboration and later implementation of the social media concept, we laid an important foundation for the launch of the innovative toy brand.

Inspiration for imaginative play dreams

"Let's not have any more SpielZEUG!", with this message and the strong vision of an innovative play concept, the founders Stefano Orowitsch and Eliana Martínez Tomalino are facing up to the prevailing consumer mania.

Their toy brand Bababoo and friends immerses children and their parents in a wonderful world full of play stories and give them valuable playtime together. To help Bababoo and friends sharpen its brand essence, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy and created a unique brand positioning for the launch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Of PlayTales® and fantastic play stories

The heart of the brand is a multitude of fantastic play stories about the adventures of the little lion Bababoo and his friends. They are complemented by lovingly crafted wooden toys that - like stories told by parents to their children - can be passed down through many generations. "Time together that lasts forever" - with this claim we describe exactly this unique combination of wooden toys and play stories that gives everyone a precious time together.



In addition, we created the wording PlayTales® as a category for the brand. In this age of fast-moving innovation, category design is the ultimate business strategy that allows a company to create entirely new categories of products and services. And it is not uncommon for the creators to become the category kings.

Pioneering Spirit + Vision + Identum = Brand

Our structured process of brand strategy always consists of several, clearly defined steps that together form the path to a successful brand.

In the case of Bababoo, there was a clear vision that needed to be transformed into a brand with a mission. To do this, we first applied the category design method, which is ideally suited for newly emerging brands. Brand pyramid, mission statement and claim were subsequent milestones within the process, which was designed in close consultation with Bababoo founder Stafano Orowitsch and creative director and founder Eliana Martinez.


During this brand development process, we followed a holistic approach that strongly involved the two founders and all responsible persons from the beginning in order to strengthen the identification with the emerging brand. Together with the entire team, a document on the strategic core considerations of the brand was developed and this was solemnly adopted together in order to strengthen the unified direction and commitment of all those involved.

This conceptual-creative process of brand development resulted in a comprehensive brand booklet, which the Bababoo team will be able to refer to in the future when dealing with brand issues.

Digital emotions with a concept

In order to bring the values defined in the brand strategy to life digitally, we developed a social media concept that immerses followers in the world of Bababoo and friends and continues the stories across all channels. We not only provided the concept for the social media presence of Bababoo and friends, but were also responsible for the graphic and textual implementation as well as the community management. In the first six months, we were able to more than triple the number of followers and increase the average impressions per post by about 500%. Many, many likes on Facebook and Instagram showed us that we were not the only ones who had lost our hearts to the little lion Bababoo.

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