Activating a successful brand

Brand and campaign development

A brand is successful when it engages employees and target group alike. That's why we started at the root for jobs.at, i.e. with the team, and worked our way through authentic brand development to the appropriate external marketing strategy and a holistic campaign.


Performance-based offer

The fast-growing recruiting portal jobs.at is already one of the most exciting job platforms in Austria. The reason for this is probably their special offer: a combination of transparency and performance-based prices. The payment is based on the actual number of clicks or on a predefined budget. This data-based approach is really well received by companies and allows enough flexibility for individual customer requests. We brought this great offer into focus through brand development, communication strategy, UX check and with an online campaign.


The team makes the brand

We kicked off the brand development process with several workshops with jobs.at. The goal was to involve the team as closely as possible from the beginning so that the brand feeling is also felt internally. After all, it is the employees who make a brand authentic and thus contribute to a successful brand image. The result is a charismatic and clear brand pyramid that summarises the strategically central considerations of the brand. This personality and positioning of the brand serves as guiding theme for all employees and was summarised in a brand booklet.


A cheeky claim for clear announcements

Based on the guiding theme, we also developed the claim, which now clearly combines the internal and external brand attributes - activating, challenging and cheeky: "Mach's einfach, mach's jobs.at". With the certainty that we had everyone on board, we developed the communication strategy, which emerged from the results of the brand workshops, the claim, the development of an own category and with the help of suitable goals and target group definitions. Together with jobs.at, we also defined suitable channels for the target group of blue collar workers in order to inspire them with a clear and bold positioning.

Accents in a confident colour scheme

Based on the communication strategy, we also expanded the given graphic foundations of the brand to create the imagery for the campaign and website. It was especially important to us to use gender-neutral language and a matching graphic design, which led to the creation of "Alex": A gender-neutral figure that now prominently welcomes users at jobs.at.



Two active campaign phases

We divided the finished campaign into two phases. The first phase consisted of making jobs.at better known, i.e. creating general awareness - for this we relied on the use of the claim. In the second phase, the target group was encouraged to set up the job alert on jobs.at. This campaign activation process took place primarily on online media and social media platforms. In this way, we directed the target group directly to the website, which we had previously put through its paces with an intensive UX check. Accompanying actions were also carried out in print format, such as snipcards or bicycle saddle covers, in order to increase the level of awareness of jobs.at.