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Greiner Packaging

The rEVOLUTION of circulation


Rethinking and thinking ahead is the challenge of our time for a planet worth living on in the long term, also in the packaging industry. So why not, like Greiner Packaging, as a leading expert for sustainable packaging solutions, draw loud attention to the rEVOLUTION of sustainability efforts?

Where less is more: The circular revolution

Especially in recent years, the internationally successful Upper Austrian company has focused very strongly on Circular Economy and thus on the development of packaging that contributes to a functioning circular economy. All entrepreneurial activities are already geared towards the most concise principles of such a circular system: ReDUCE, ReUSE and ReCYCLE. Three supporting pillars of a transformation that is lived out internally in its entirety and should therefore also flow effectively into marketing communication. With the new campaign under the motto "Join the Circular rEVOLUTION!", these ambitious sustainability efforts are now becoming clear. We supported the packaging specialists in the strategic and conceptual considerations as well as in the further communication and visual language.


Together for a holistic campaign

At the beginning, we used several sessions together with key stakeholders of Greiner Packaging to develop clear goals and corresponding strategies. Based on this, we used a central conceptual lever for a holistic, long-term 360-degree communication that will have an effect over several years. This resulted in a targeted campaign that highlights packaging experts as pioneers in the development and production of packaging in the sense of the circular economy on all levels of their brand identity. We placed great emphasis on authentic testimonials and showcased real employees from the Greiner Packaging team. After all, who can best express change and innovation than people from within their own ranks?


The photo shoot therefore also took place at the headquarter in Sattledt, from which we not only drew colourful and strong image material, but also took a closer look at the corporate philosophy. The bright colours in the graphic realisation stand for the multifacetedness and enthusiasm of the team. Besides the unique products, they are the real stars of the campaign and were accordingly highlighted in a striking way. The key icon indicates the cycle of the products and the fusion of technology and environmental awareness, which is so special for Greiner Packaging, is reflected in the blue-green gradient. The circle around the font always seems to be in motion and thus gives the "movement" another level of meaning.

A Call to All

The Greiner Packaging claim "do the innovation" makes it clear that innovation is anchored in the corporate purpose, especially in the endeavour to develop sustainable products. Because employees, partners and customers are all significantly involved, an integrated concept was essential. With the signet "Join the Circular rEVOLUTION", the campaign now has a particularly deep impact in the decisive company areas - whether product marketing or development, recruiting, customer loyalty, sales or leadership. Packaged in smaller thematic campaigns, the mission "Join the Circular Revolution" is communicated widely through various marketing activities and contributes to its long-term establishment. The campaign was rolled out primarily online: through LinkedIn and Facebook posts, ads, in the form of newsletters and email signatures, as well as on the website.


A communication offensive that plays all the pieces

The campaign celebrated its debut at this year's FachPack in Nürnberg. There, the graphic design in colour blocking style on large exhibition walls immediately caught the eye of the visitors. When designing the stand, we also wanted to highlight the three pillars "reUSE", "reDUCE" and "reCYCLE" and created a separate area for them.

In addition to this successful presentation at FachPack, as well as other trade fair stands at international events, the communication offensive we orchestrated at the start of the campaign also included intensive use of the Greiner Packaging LinkedIn account and other classic communication measures.

© Christian Stemper (Pictures) und Martin Weiß (Animation)