News on the technology of tomorrow

Web Development

For Festo, an innovative high-tech company, we designed a brand-new blog in the style of an online magazine. Here the company communicates the latest developments and solution approaches from the field of automation technology and bionics. Our services included conception, consulting, naming, screen design, programming, and – full disclosure – actually managing to ssomewhat grasp the concept of bionics.

Innovative content, innovative presentation

Festo is a market leader in the fields of pneumatic automation, electronics, technical education, and training. To enable the communication of new developments in the industry and solution approaches relating to the core themes of the company, with our support, Festo decided to start a new technology blog which perfectly reflects the company’s innovative soul.



Robot ants and giant flying objects

The visually pleasing and user-friendly blogzine with online magazine character covers all aspects of automation technology. From hand-sized robot ants to impressive flying objects, and visions of the technology of the future, users will find everything here that makes the hearts of technology enthusiasts beat a little faster.




Focusing on the essentials

The information contained on the user interface was reduced to a minimum to improve usability. The screen design stands out thanks to large typography, striking images, and attractive color fields. Informative details and functions help generate variety on the screen. The focus on the team and bloggers helps create proximity to the company and offers the user the opportunity to interact directly with experts.




Using the Drupal content management system enables make updating and management of the blog  rapid and straightforward for the provider.