Charismatic brands break new ground

Brand and web development

Nonconform is an architecture firm which stands out thanks to unconventional solutions. This characteristic should be conveyed on the website – ideally, at first glance. How did we solve this? A new type of site navigation (scroll down to find out more).

A new brand presence for Nonconform

nonconform is an architecture firm specialized in participative planning and the sustainable development and revitalization of buildings, public spaces, and infrastructure. We support the company with its positioning strategy and the definition of their corporate vision, mission, and claim, and a new online presence.



Thinking ahead together

Based on the new claim „Thinking ahead together “, the Nonconform collective wanted a accurate portrayal of their innovative spirit in the brand presence. Among other things, this is represented in the implementation of the new web presence. Here users unconventionally navigate the page by scrolling from side-to-side as well as the usual up and down. At the same time, the color-coding system for the architecture firm ‘s product range helps set visual accents.

The Measures:

  • Definition of vision and mission
  • Brand development
  • Creation of company claim
  • Online presence with unconventional navigation and color-coding system

The Results:

  • Innovative menu navigation
  • Development of a new colour-coding system for the product range.
  • Bounce rate of under 19%
  • Architecture/Design (UX) – international web design nominations by &