Identum sticks Facebook's data policy up on their front window

Since nobody would otherwise read it

Datenkrake auf Schaufenster
24. May ’18
As everyone now knows, the new GDPR will be in effect from May 25th. And, of course, like all other companies, we took up the resulting bureaucratic challenges for ourselves and for our customers.

GDPR or: Why this could be the last newsletter we send you

Neues zur Datenschutzgrundverordnung

23. May ’18

Two silver awards and five commendations for Identum in the advertising sector’s most prestigious awards

Identum räumt bei renommiertesten Werbepreis der Branche ab

CCA Memo
10. May ’18

Everything you've always wanted to know about us, but never had the courage to ask

08. May ’18
In each newsletter, we’ll answer frequently asked, funny and quirky questions about us – starting with Identum as an agency, then moving on to the agency’s management, the project management team and going right down to our creative and programming teams. Here we’ll let you in on how the name Identum came about, how our office is a bit like Grey’s Anatomy and just how many projects we completed in 2017.

The digitalisation hype

Markenentwicklung für Energy Hero

02. May ’18