Gruppe Hollenstein

Better at being better

CD, brand and webdevelopment

As experts for personnel and organization development, Gruppe Hollenstein sees its role as positively supporting the development of their clients.
Our assignment was also a type of development – the development of a new market presence for the group of companies headed by founder Ronny Hollenstein.


Gruppe Hollenstein Logo

Better at being better

Gruppe Hollenstein provides personal and corporate consulting and development services. And there are no half-measures. The aim is being better in a more intelligent manner, positive communication, with the focus placed firmly on the strengths of each individual. The pursuit of holistic objectives, with undivided attention, respect, and trust – this is what the new claim conveys and enables Gruppe Hollenstein to get Better at being better in tandem with their clients.



Gruppe Hollenstein RollUp
Gruppe Hollenstein Drucksorten

From plain to bold

Because the original corporate design was rather plain and reserved, Gruppe Hollenstein wanted the new market presence to communicate the core competencies of the company in an active, self-determined, and effective manner.  Their wish is reflected in a modern design with the colors of coral and dark blue creating a striking color combination. The primary element of the logo is a quarter circle which arches upward to symbolize ascent.

Gruppe Hollenstein Visitenkarten
Gruppe Hollenstein Mobil

Furthermore, our Online Team implemented a new Gruppe Hollenstein website, based on the corporate design, using CMS Drupal. Using a modern and visually reduced platform, customers can now quickly gain an overview of the competencies, services and team members of the Gruppe Hollenstein.

Gruppe Hollentein Website