Städtische Verkehrsbetriebe

Charismatic brands confront preconceptions with humor

Image Campaign

Transport companies from several Austrian cities came together for a joint initiative to eliminate preconceptions and to encourage people to use public transport. What was the result? the first campaign optimized for our post-factual age.

“The metro stinks!”

“The bus is always way too full!” “My electric car is just as eco-friendly as the tram”; there are all common preconceptions and opinions voiced by the public about public transport. The question “car or public transport?” has become a matter of ideological dogma. Rational argumentation has no real effect.  Therefore, we chose to take a step towards public transport opponents and appropriated their preconceptions and shot back in a humorous and unexpected way.



If we have learned one thing from recent elections, it is that no one cares about statistics anymore. Uncomfortable truths generate even less interest. However, for public transport, emotion still “moves” people.

Get in, we' re driving. (Steig ein, wir fahren.) Your municipal transport company

For the first time, Austria’s largest transport companies presented themselves in a joint campaign using five subjects placed on citylights and bus and metro advertisements to cite the benefits of public transport

This is the first joint campaign featuring the transport companies in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, and Vienna together. We are not aiming to lecture people, but rather we want to help raise awareness to enable our passengers to make an inf
Dr. Thomas Scheiber,
Austrian Association of Railway and Public Transport Companies

Fun fact:

One of our employees can be seen in one of the images, and no, he is not wearing a tutu.