For a good life with dementia

Dementia Campaign

For many years, we have been supporting Diakonie with pro bono social advertising.  In 2019, Diakonie placed their focus on dementia. Therefore, we designed an image campaign to help raise awareness. The campaign aims to embolden without glossing over. Then, those who are affected by dementia should nevertheless be considered equal in their right to dignity, love, and to enjoy life.

Dementia is a topic that affects us all

More than 130 000 people in Austria are currently living with dementia. According to the prognoses, this number is due to triple by 2050. Therefore, in 2019, Diakonie focused intensively on educating people about the disease. The aim is to inform, but also dispel fears, and reduce stigma. But, how can one encourage those affected and their loved ones without downplaying the seriousness of the situation? – or put another way – how can one dramatize a positive image?





One of them has dementia

The new image campaign starts with a positive image: Two older ladies at the hair salon. They are clearly enjoying their time together. We then provide the viewer with a piece of crucial information - "One of them has dementia".  However, it is not clear which one of them it is, and it is not revealed later. Then a person is much more than just a diagnosis. The diagnosis does not take away their ability to feel, love, or enjoy life.



Telling authentic stories

It goes without saying that it was important that no actors were used for this campaign. The protagonists live in a home for senior citizens run by Diakoniewerk. Their stories are as real as the joy they experience spending time together.