Volvo Ice Camp
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Getting charismatic brands involved

Event Communikation

How does one find a lighthouse project for Volvo that moves away from traditional advertising while presenting the technical skills of the brand in a highly credible manner, communicates on an emotional level, and uses superlatives to attract attention? Easy! You design the highest showroom in the world: the Volvo Ice Camp located at 2,500 meters above sea level.

Volvo asks: "How does one convince the trade press that our automobiles no longer fit the "safe family car" cliché, but rather are young and dynamic?"

We reply: "Involve charismatic brands!"


We carried out an in-depth analysis of the target groups. We used the findings to the design the Volvo ICE COMP: an igloo village located at 2,500 meters on the Kitzsteinhorn – a mountain in the Central Austrian Alps - where we presented the newest Volvo models while staging key brand elements. The likely highest showroom in the world had the aim of positively developing the Volvo brand among the critical target group of outdoor athletes while simultaneously moving the brand away from its safety-centric reputation toward one of innovation and safety in extreme conditions.

Volvo Ice Camp

Showroom, bar and event location

Those belonging to designated core dialogue groups, i.e., journalists, area managers, opinion leaders, and so on, were invited to participate in an adventure weekend with an overnight stay in igloos located at an altitude of 2,500 meters.  Furthermore, the Volvo ICE CAMP was set-up in such a way that guests could visit throughout the day. The camp also hosted a wide range of events such as the  Nokia Music Store Grand Opening Party, the Everest Poker Final Table, the Volvo XC Golf Challenge, the Volvo X OVER RIDE, and the Snowbombing Festival, featuring a set by Mark Ronson.


Core Dialogue Groups

  • Journalists
  • Area Managers
  • Opinion Leaders
  • Walk-In Visitors

Shared Content

Communication via a microsite and the event's Facebook page helped boost the reach of the project's impact. Using the 'photo corner', Ice Camp visitors were able to take photos at the event and immediately share them on Facebook – along with greetings from their trip to Kitzsteinhorn.

visual contacts
143 Mio
media contacts
2,3 Mio €
achieved media value
2006 – 2011
Extension due to the great success