Stretch out its feelers!

Event Communication

For Market Communication Day, a specialist event organized by the Vienna creative and communications industry, we created the theme and advertising slogan, which aims to encourage the broadening of horizons and the building of bridges.

Advertisers of the world unite!

Each year the Division of Advertising and Market Communication of the Vienna Economic Chamber organizes a specialist event for its members focusing on a different topic. 2019 focused on the broadening of horizons. The future of our industry lies in close and symbiotic cooperation – both spatial and organizational.



The aim is to overcome boundaries, both to new partners and new areas of business:


Why not participate in the design competition in Bratislava?

Why not enter into a cooperation with an interior designer or florist?

The slogan “Stretch out your feelers!”, created by us, conveys these thoughts in an effective and self-determined manner. Someone who puts out their feelers wants to try something new. The emotive language effects positive change without getting lost in imperatives and targets – each at their own pace.

The graphic realization carries the slogan further without overloading the metaphor. Therefore, the key visual shows something stirring in the minds of the people.  Perspectives and points of view are never static and are constantly changing.