Good advertising is worth more.

Appreciation Campaign

The communication industry is undergoing a structural transformation. This has resulted in a fall in the perceived value of creative services. Despite this, our campaign for the Vienna Economic Chamber, Division of Advertising and Market Communication, shows how to generate appreciation for those involved in the industry.

For more mutual appreciation in our industry

One the one hand, new opportunities and possibilities due to digitalization and globalization, and changes to cost and time factors coupled with increased pressure on all those involved on the other: The communication industry finds itself in a time of rapid change. This is not always easy.  One could complain or focus energies on showing the industry how appreciative cooperation leads to better results and profitability.


Good advertising is worth more

To have the industry to which you belong as a client is quite unusual, but never is one as close to the target group. We know firsthand that fair conditions, mutual trust, and appreciation are essential factors for the success of creative services. In the appreciation campaign for the Division for Advertising, we demonstrate that good advertising is worth more and call upon the creative industry and advertisers to recognize this.  

Gute Werbung
Gute Werbung

Using four subjects, we tell stories of companies who are excellent examples of appreciative cooperation. We have also invited all the members of the Division of Advertising and Market Communication to present their positive examples.

Gute Werbung
We aim to prove that appreciation benefits all levels of business and all those involved.
Alexandra Fiedler-Lehmann,
committee member of the Division of Advertising and Market Communication

Why this type of campaign?

Gute Werbung
Gute Werbung

Regardless of where you are, we can hear those questions on your mind: Why a classic long copy campaign? Why so much text if no one will read it anyway? It is simple: It makes sense in the case. We have a lot to say, and we can assume that our target group is extremely interested in this topic.

Also, if we are honest, current campaigns focus mainly on imagery and rarely on headlines, and never on copy. Our strategy enables us to stand out. We consciously cite an era when the advertising industry was on sound founding. Don Draper would be proud of us (or if not, at least Peggy Olson would be).